J.D. Jordan (
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 22:04:44 -0400

At 03:57 PM 8/19/98 -0500, Rob Hoyle wrote:
>> I agree!  Make sure it looks good in Lynx! (The web browser of champions,
>> and people with slow computers)
>> JD
>Well, It seems to me, that making an Afterstep site that wasnt extremely
>intensive with graphics would be like running afterstep but, staying on
>the virtual consoles.  Why would you make a site dedicated to a GUI, and
>then just have text talking about it.  I think the site should be as full
>of AS graphics as possible, (THUMBNAILED) so that people can see what a
>beautiful thing Afterstep really is.  

Who said it had to not have graphics? I just said make sure it looks good
in Lynx too, IE you lable all the graphics with flags that have a name so
they don't all show up just as [IMAGE], test the page in lynx to make sure
it doesn't look really badly formatted, etc etc.  You can have a page with
lots of great AS graphics, that still looks good to people useing Lynx, and
is usable to them because of the info on AS and descriptive links to the
pics (you can still look at them from Lynx as it spawns a graphics viewer
such as XV or some console viewer).  Etc etc.  Also if the page looks good
in Lynx it will look good in just about anything, Netscape, IE, Mosaic,
what ever.