pop-up configuration

Ron Thompson Ron_Thompson@KVCR.pbs.org
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 13:19:36 -0500

Okay, I can't seem to configure my pop-up menus... can anyone help?
I tried two things.  One was altering my directory structure in
But that works until I reboot and then it's gone.
Then I tried altering a file in my .../Afterstep menu called wmconfig.conf, but
that had absolutely no effect.
I tried looking in all the documentation, and tried to find everything they
were talking about...
I got the idea that I needed a .steprc file, but isn't that from older
versions?  Isn't there something native to this version?
And how come my users get a different pop-up than I do?  Complete with an
Emulator menu that doesn't work... hehe...
Thanks for any help you all can give me on this... I'm totally lost!
  -Ron (yahoo@mindless.com)

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