Re: pop-up configuration

Andrew Sullivan (
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 15:37:29 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 19 Aug 1998, Ron Thompson wrote:

> Okay, I can't seem to configure my pop-up menus... can anyone help?

Ok, I gather this is the "start" manu, right?

> I tried two things.  One was altering my directory structure in
> ~/GNUStep/Library/Afterstep/start
> But that works until I reboot and then it's gone.

This is becoming a frequent question.  Are you using Start/Quit/Update
startmenu?  Some people are reporting problems here, and I haven't been
able to figure out what the complaint is.  I need a clear description of
the problem in order to include the question in the FAQ!  _PLEASE_, if you
have this problem, describe _exactly_ what your problem is, what version
of AS you're using (a couple of versions are broken here!), and (as Mr
Tohompson has done here) what you've tried to do to fix it.

> Then I tried altering a file in my .../Afterstep menu called wmconfig.conf, but
> that had absolutely no effect.
> I tried looking in all the documentation, and tried to find everything they
> were talking about...

Yes, but it sounds like you're not using Quit/Update.

> I got the idea that I needed a .steprc file, but isn't that from older
> versions?  Isn't there something native to this version?

Yes, probably.  There's a full description of the differences, &c., in the

> And how come my users get a different pop-up than I do?  Complete with an
> Emulator menu that doesn't work... hehe...

There are two relevant menus: the system-wide one (which should be in the
installation directory -- usually /usr/share/afterstep), and the users'
ones -- found in ~/GNUstep/Library/Afterstep/.  If the latter is changed,
it won't affect the former; but if the former is changed, it will likely
affect the latter.

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