Re: Just the FAQs, Maam.

David Mihm (
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 17:45:22 -0500 (CDT)

On Wed, 19 Aug 1998, John Gruenenfelder wrote:

! It's pretty obvious that there are a LOT of "newbie" questions here.  And
! while that isn't so bad a lot of these things are answered in the FAQ.
! Problem is, most people aren't getting the FAQ.  How about including the FAQ
! in AS distributions?  Just stick it in the main AS source directory or for
! RPMs put it in /usr/doc/Afterstep (or whatever, I don't use the RPM.  Maybe
! it's already done).  I think this would certainly help a lot of people.  Sure
! it would get out of date, but at least they'll have something.

	1) the FAQ is shipped with the "Official" version of AfterStep.
	   A) tarball
		 i) you need sgml2html
		ii) it wasn't Official
	   B) rpm
		 i) complain to the person who made the rpm that they
		    missed the FAQ
		ii) RedHat - yell at them to release documentation to the
		    "easy to use configuration" changes they made
	2) the menu item on the (start)menu called "AfterStepDoc" will
	   take you to the local FAQ.
	3) Andrew Sullivan, who maintains the FAQ, has a method of finding
	   the latest FAQ in his signature.
	4) The 1.4.5 FAQ can be obtained from the outdated web page
	5) The 1.4.6 FAQ (latest) is on the f.a.o/pub   site/dir.

It can't get any easier that this :)
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