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Steve Williams (
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 19:13:46 EST're doing something wrong.  I'm running the latest AS beta and 
have run most of the version from 1.4, up.  If anything it's faster:
 p100-64 megs of RAM, xterm comes up in less than a second.  Switching 
between desktops is painless and instantaneous.

 I recently upgraded to 96 megs of ram, things are even faster.  If you 
have a P5/200 with 64 megs of RAM and it's slow, then it's not the fault 
of AS.

>Subject: It's spelled "A f t e r S t e p", but it's pronounced 
>Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 14:13:17 -0700 (PDT)
>From: (Byron Brummer)
>Why is Afterstep getting so bloated?!
>I've been using v1.0 for quite some time, and love it.  I upgraded to 
>and later to 1.4.5 and ran that for about a month before finally giving 
>on it and reinstalling v1.0.  I am now moving to WindowMaker, as 
>is killing itself... :-(
>Why is v1.4.* so *incredibly* bloated and slow compared to v1.0?
>The more I look at the new Afterstep, the less I like it.  More and 
>features are added that are of little use or at least questionable use
>(different settings for each work space...?) and add huge amounts of
>baggage.  On my P5/200 with 64 Megs it can take quite a few seconds (up 
>15?!) to switch between workspaces which also causes an effect on the
>display very similar to when the manager is restarted.	This makes 
>workspaces less then worthless, and this is only one area of *massive*
>bloat...  Just starting an *xterm* now takes number of seconds that in 
>came up in a nano-second...
>I am very, very disappointed to see the direction that Afterstep has 
>Afterstep v1.0 was very clean, pretty light weight, fast, and useful.  
>new releases however, are *huge*, bloated, slow, and add few really 
>features for the massive cost they take from the system.  Hell, MS 
>95/NT are *much* faster on the same hardware, and more useful... :-(
>With the upcomming GNOME support this is probably just going to get 
>much worse.  Not that GNOME is a bad thing at all, I just don't think 
>can handle *any* more "features"...
>As a long time Afterstep user, I hate to say it but I'm moving to
>WindowMaker.  With all the useful features plus some (drag and drop, 
>I looked for in the newer AS, with none of the bloat (*faster* then 
ASv1.0, as
>far as I can tell) WindowMaker is going to be the Afterstep killer.
>But then, Afterstep v1.4+ will be the real cause of Afterstep's 
death... :-(
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