Re: It's spelled

Timothy Dunnington (
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 17:58:45 PDT

>Why is v1.4.* so *incredibly* bloated and slow compared to v1.0?
>The more I look at the new Afterstep, the less I like it.  More and 
>features are added that are of little use or at least questionable use
>(different settings for each work space...?) and add huge amounts of
>baggage.  On my P5/200 with 64 Megs it can take quite a few seconds (up 
>15?!) to switch between workspaces which also causes an effect on the
>display very similar to when the manager is restarted.	

I'm sure you've received (or are going to receive) alot of responses 
basically saying that something is very wrong with your setup.

I've been using afterstep for quite a while.  I'm running 4x4 virtual 
desktops, each with it's own background xpm's in 24bpp, 1280x1024.  It's 
VERY fast.  My server is a Cyrix 686 166, 64MB RAM.  It's dedicated, so 
I use my Windows machine as the client, running Exceed XServer over 

Perhaps you have a nasty X11 server, or heavy network traffic if you're 
on a LAN?  Bad compiler, older lib's?  1.4 is also a little old (but it 
was very stable).  We're up to 1.5pre7 I think, although I'm happy with 
1.5pre6 myself.

Anyway, the pros are here on this message board and can certainly help 
you...but in the end, when you're dealing with Linux, if you don't like 
the upgrade and don't need it, then go back to the old one.  Upgrading 
for the sake of upgrading is a headache that you don't have to deal 


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