David Taylor (
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 13:30:19 +1000

I have a suggestion...

How about a part of the site that allows developers to post news and
developments as they occur.  That is, a section where we can see the
latest thing knocked over by Guyhelm et al.  I believe that this would
convey to ordinary users a sense of momentum.  It would bring the
ordinary user closer to the development and give an indication on the
rate of progress.


20/8 16:45   Guyhelm Aznar   Fixed memory leak in wharf.
20/8 18:30   Ethan Fischer   Fixed intermittent animate bug.
..... and on and on.

BTW, those examples above are fictitious.  I just made them up.  I have
no idea what bugs are about.  I'm just making sure that I don't get
queried about how those bugs occur ... I just made them up!!!  :-)

David Taylor

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