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Tomas Duewiger (
20 Aug 1998 08:05:27 +0200

Ethan <> writes:

> On Wed, 19 Aug 1998, Chris Zimmerman wrote:
> > How did you setup AS to minimize windows to the winlist, and bypass the
> >minimized icons?
> Here's a trick that will prevent icons from appearing: remove all
> instances of "Icon <filename>" from your ~/G/L/A/database file.  In
> particular, remove the
> Style "*" Icon AfterStep3.xpm
> (or similar) line.

But than you will still see the built in bitmaps of some apps, just put in 
your database file the following line
Style "*" NoIcon
Then for really no app there will appear an icon. This line have to be at
the end of the file to overwrite the previous entries or you have to
remove all other entries difining icons. I use this on an 8bpp mashine to
prevent loss of many colors just for AS. If you also define the icon box
placement in the middle of the screen it really looks cool because all
windows will be animated and are swallowed away into the middle of the
This NoIcon feature seems to be still an undocumented feature from old
fvwm2 times.


Tomas Duewiger