Re: It's spelled "A f t e r S t e p", but it's pronounced "BloatStep"

Tomas Duewiger (
20 Aug 1998 08:25:00 +0200 (Byron Brummer) writes:

> Why is Afterstep getting so bloated?!

It's getting bloated because some people may like that features, if you
don't just turn them off. Ok, you have to compile them and to download
them, but that's all, after that AS even works without wharf, needless to
mention that it will work with only one pager, without winlist, and also
with the old .steprc stuff.

> I've been using v1.0 for quite some time, and love it.  I upgraded to 1.4
> and later to 1.4.5 and ran that for about a month before finally giving up
> on it and reinstalling v1.0.  I am now moving to WindowMaker, as Afterstep
> is killing itself... :-(
> Why is v1.4.* so *incredibly* bloated and slow compared to v1.0?

Because you may not have tried to configure it to your needs? I use
several AS setups and some on really slow mashines. If you don't use the
default setup, you can speed it up that it is faster then fvwm,
windowmaker and all that wm's.

> The more I look at the new Afterstep, the less I like it.  More and more
> features are added that are of little use or at least questionable use
> (different settings for each work space...?) and add huge amounts of
> baggage.  On my P5/200 with 64 Megs it can take quite a few seconds (up to
> 15?!) to switch between workspaces which also causes an effect on the
> display very similar to when the manager is restarted. This makes multiple
> workspaces less then worthless, and this is only one area of *massive*
> bloat...  Just starting an *xterm* now takes number of seconds that in
> v1.0 came up in a nano-second...

As I said, you missed it to take some time to configure it. You can modify 
the new versions the way that they behave like AS 1.0 in the most ways. 

> As a long time Afterstep user, I hate to say it but I'm moving to
> WindowMaker.  With all the useful features plus some (drag and drop, etc)
> I looked for in the newer AS, with none of the bloat (*faster* then
> ASv1.0, as far as I can tell) WindowMaker is going to be the Afterstep
> killer.

Yeah move to windowmaker, but stop whining only because you didn't have
tried to configure AS. 
This is not meant to be a flame (it would be too lame anyway ;-) ) but
what you wrote is simply not true.


Tomas Duewiger