Re: JPEG support for backgrounds

Tomas Duewiger (
20 Aug 1998 18:20:38 +0200

David Taylor <> writes:

> Are there plans to integrate JPEG support into the next release of
> AfterStep so that people like myself can use full screen background images
> without slowing down the window manager so much?  I have a background
> image (xpm) at the moment that is just under 1Mb in size as an xpm... as a
> jpeg it is around 300K (w/out compression).

You can right now also use jpeg as background when you use xv (or better
xli or xloadimage) to load the picture and not the pager. You just need to 
comment out the respective parts of the pager config file and to put into
your ~/G/L/A/autoexec file something like:
Exec "I" xv -root -quit file.jpg or (if supported)
Exec "I" xli -onroot file.jpg


Tomas Duewiger