Re: JPEG support for backgrounds

David Mihm (
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 12:56:39 -0500 (CDT)

On 20 Aug 1998, Tomas Duewiger wrote:

! David Taylor <> writes:
! > Are there plans to integrate JPEG support into the next release of
! > AfterStep so that people like myself can use full screen background images
! > without slowing down the window manager so much?  I have a background
! > image (xpm) at the moment that is just under 1Mb in size as an xpm... as a
! > jpeg it is around 300K (w/out compression).
! You can right now also use jpeg as background when you use xv (or better
! xli or xloadimage) to load the picture and not the pager. You just need to 
! comment out the respective parts of the pager config file and to put into
! your ~/G/L/A/autoexec file something like:
! Exec "I" xv -root -quit file.jpg or (if supported)
! Exec "I" xli -onroot file.jpg
! Tomas
	While doing this will show the background, when you change
desks/views with the Pager, your changes will not be kept.
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