Re: It's spelled "A f t e r S t e p", but it's pronounced "BloatStep"

Byron Brummer
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 13:54:47 -0700 (PDT)

Tomas Duewiger <> wrote:
> It's getting bloated because some people may like that features, if you
> don't just turn them off.

        Hmm, I must have missed the documentation that mentions how to do

> Ok, you have to compile them and to download them, but that's all,

        So, is this an option or define I can set in the makefile, or
        do I need to start hacking the source to turn stuff off?

> after that AS even works without wharf, needless to
> mention that it will work with only one pager, without winlist,

        Winlist I've turned off.  I only ran one pager, but with 4
        workspaces each having one virtual window. -I was trying to get
        the same effect as a v1.0 pager with 4 virtual windows with the
        simple added feature of Alt-Tab cycling only through the current
        virtual window.

        However, even with a simple static color background switching
        workspaces (not virtual windows) is quite painful, so much so
        it renders them useless.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far
        as I can tell there is no way to map all the workspaces to the
        same set of attributes.  Because of this, even if the attributes
        are all the same for all the workspaces, they still each have
        to maintain there own copy, which is very expensive.

        When I ran one workspace it wasn't too bad, but then there was
        no advantage over 1.0.

> and also with the old .steprc stuff.

        True, but this makes using any new features very hard.  As such,
        one might as well stay with v1.0 in this case.  I see .steprc
        compatibility as transitional functionality only while migrating
        to the GNUstep tree.

> Because you may not have tried to configure it to your needs? I use
> several AS setups and some on really slow mashines. If you don't use the
> default setup, you can speed it up that it is faster then fvwm,
> windowmaker and all that wm's.

        Got a pointer to where such configuration can be done?

        I've tried taking out most all of the modules in the Imakefile as
        well as the apps (many are filled with Linuxisims anyway so I
        can't use them on FreeBSD).  I've tried turning off anything that
        looked expensive in configure.h without much luck either.  -Why,
        BTW, are the simple user level configuration settings set in
        configure.h at compile time? This makes a site wide install
        needlessly problematic.  Shouldn't they really be in GNUstep or

        If someone has a lean Imakefile/configure.h configuration they could
        send me I'd be glad to take another stab at it.

> As I said, you missed it to take some time to configure it. You can modify
> the new versions the way that they behave like AS 1.0 in the most ways.

        As I said, if I wanted v1.0 I'd run v1.0.  v1.0 quite simply rocked.

> Yeah move to windowmaker, but stop whining only because you didn't have
> tried to configure AS. 

        I've tried, almost daily for about a month tweaking new stuff each
        time and diving into the source at times.  No luck.  The only things
        I saw that could be done involved major rewrites, which is why I
        don't like the direction AS has taken.  Adding new features is good.
        Adding new features without proper design and forethought so that
        the rest of the system doesn't suffer is not good.  "Optimizing"
        after the fact is a kluge at best to make up for a faulty original
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