Re: BUG? Feature?

Ron Thompson
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 19:17:06 -0500,Internet writes:
>If I open my start menu (keeping the mouse button down), then browse
>thru the submenus and go past the "Cursors" submenu, every other submenu
>I brows after that will appear offset from the bottom of the screen... 
>but before browsing that submenu they do not.  If I avoid the huge
>"Cursors" submenu, then all the other submenus pop-up as usual in their
>correct place.
>This is repeatable ... happens every time.
>Is this a bug or a feature?
>Is this repeatable on anyone else's machine running RedHat 5.0 and
>ps.  Please let me know if I didn't word this well.

I never thought about mentioning that, but yeah.... it happens to me all the
time too!  I think it even happened in a previous version, but now I've got the
same setup as you, but with RedHat 5.1
  -Ron (