Re: JPEG support for backgrounds

Tomas Duewiger (
21 Aug 1998 07:50:12 +0200

David Mihm <> writes:

> 	This is ALMOST correct, I failed to see what Tomas was referring
> to comment out and therefore made assumptions.  However, you must also set
> the *PagerRedrawBg to 0, or the Pager will not start at all! And doing the
> backgound this way, all desks will have the same root image (the one
> specified in your autoexec file, or called via the command line)

That's right, forget to mention that.
> ! While we are talking about pager :) did anyone else made the experience
> ! that in AS 1.5pre7 it's not possible to move windows from one desk/view
> to ! another? I asked the same sometime ago, maybe in the meantime there
> is ! somebody else? Would be interesting, because IMO that is what really
> makes ! sense when using a pager.  !  ! Tomas
> 	No ( heh :P ), I don't see this here. I've done the above (use xv
> to set root bg and #'d the lines in question) on the Pager
> binary - works as advertised.  Perhaps there is something else in your
> pager file which is denying this to happen?

That was meant for AS 1.5pre7 it works fine in AS but in pre7 I 
can't get it to work the same way. I only can choose the pager/view I want 
to work with, but when I try to grab a window with the mouse and slide it
to another view it simply stays where it is, no effect. The window get's
active but that's all.


Tomas Duewiger