Re: A sincere goodbye to AfterStep (for the nth time)

Eric Howard (
Tue, 4 Aug 1998 08:46:07 -0400 (EDT)

> A message to the developers:
> I will be leaving AS now. I've realized that my theory is really, really
> true: the fewer the frills, the fewer the hassles. I'll take pixmaps and
> sounds as souvenirs, just like I did with KDE, though with KDE I also took
> quite a few programs. I've found that AfterStep is to window managers as
> RedHat is to Linux distributions, and KDE is to WMs as Caldera is to
> distributions.

I think this guy is correct..I'm still running 1.0 because the new versions 
appear too difficult to manage (and I by no means am afraid of a challenge)...
and silly to configure...I like my .steprc!!!!  That whole directory structure
thing is a little too much...but I love still love Afterstep and won't be going


Eric L. Howard
Detroit, MI