Re: JPEG support for backgrounds

Tomas Duewiger (
21 Aug 1998 21:00:53 +0200

Ethan <> writes:

> The feel file only defines bindings for afterstep, not its modules.  Pager
> configuration is done in the pager file.  And unfortunately, what you want
> can't be done unless you edit the source - the pager bindings are
> hardcoded.
> If you feel like editing the source, take a look at pager.c, line 473-5
> (this is for AS 1.5pre9).

Not needed anymore, thanks. I was just a blind stupid idiot, I forgot to
comment out the damned ChordMiddle in my XF86Config file. It works (of
course) with mouse button 2. Shame on me for such a stupid one, but
sometimes you don't think that it could be something easy like that.
(Thanks to Albert for opening my eyes ;-) )


Tomas Duewiger