Re: JPEG support for backgrounds - XPM.GZ
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 15:10:08 -0500

>On Fri, 21 Aug 1998 wrote:
>> >Performance-wise, I mean.  Is it working?  Is it noticably faster?
>> My guess is that it should be slightly slower then XPM(don't forget that
>> JPEG is compressed),
>> but of course much faster then using external apps.
>Something else to consider: A few people I know have converted large
>jpeg's into XPMs, ending up with an XPM of roughly 2-12 megs in size. If
>anyone has a right to complain about horribly slow background updates, its
>them. :)  I doubt that jpeg backgrounds would be horribly slow on decent

Nobody said horribly slow, it was  - slightly slower. Anyway it does not
matter now.

Here is another idea :

I've been checking  libXPM sources and found that it can read .Z-ed and
.GZ-ed files
if compiled with proper options. Those options are set by default.

Therefor it is possible to GZ you large XPM files to save up space.
You need to have 'gunzip' for .GZ and 'uncompress' for .Z as far as it is
only running
those uncompressors and pipe out result.

Catch : file needs to have .GZ or .Z at the end.

I had no time to check it so far.
Could somebody try it, please ???