Re: Font size in nxterm

Rob Hoyle (
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 00:34:30 -0500 (CDT)

> Thank you for the quick response.  When you use nxterm -font at the command
> line are you also able to set the fontsize.  I have tried your suggestions
> but still seem stuck with the same font size.
> Ian

Yes, you can specify the font size from the command line..
but it is not an Afterstep related question, although it is a good one.
I suggest you "man xterm' to read about it, seeing as I have forgotten the
exact way to do it, but it will be something in essence of nxterm -font
<insert big long font name here> look in your font directory, and mess
with some of the fonts in there.... Reading the man pages will help you
quite a bit...You will find all sorts of neat little things you can do to
make your xterms more suited for what you want, and also more enjoyable to
look at. I know reading the man pages is tedious, but hey, ya gotta do it
to really unleash the full powers of the programs.