Re: Zharf tried to fight back!

Andrew Sullivan (
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 15:37:43 -0400 (EDT)

On Sun, 23 Aug 1998, David Taylor wrote:

> The reason I bring this up is that in response to my query about
> netscape I was told that it was the fault of netscape communicator. 
> Well, now it has happened with Zharf.  Do these programs just *happen*
> to exhibit the same problems under the same conditions?  

I'm almost certain that this is a coincidence.  Probably whatever problem
caused the ungraceful (there's a word which discribes itself!) exit in
Netscape is also a problem in Zharf.  It may be related to colour issues,
though, so that there _is_ an AS relation.  It just has to do with the
colour-intesive nature of AS as compared to some other window mangers.

As you note that I mentioned last time, I've had this problem with
Netscape on other wm's, too (fvwm-2, for instance).  I've also read others
complaining about it, on all sorts of platforms.  In effect, the Linux
release of Netscape was never very good; the more recent versions (and the
prerelease version of 4.5, which is quite nice as I understand it) are
apparently a little better.  I have 4.04.

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