Wharf Question

David A. Pellegrino (dapelleg@pcisys.com)
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 16:38:12 +0000

    I'm very new to Afterstep and I've been palying with the wharf.
Adding folders and icons and the like, but I can't get any programs to
execute.  I've added netscape to my wharf, but it will not run when the
icon is pressed.  The line in  wharf reads: *Wharf netscape netscape.xpm
Exec "-" netscape &.  The netscape directory is in the path.  If I give
the "netscape" command from any Xiterm it runs.  But it won't run from
wharf.  any one have any ideas, am I missing something?


David A. Pellegrino

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