application developers, please help the internationalization of AS.

Thadeu Penna (
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 18:24:30 -0400

As a portuguese speaker (and writer :) I have to make use of accents in
my language. I have configured my keyboard to use dead-keys. Everything
is doing fine. The only think that I have to do is change from xmodmap
.xmod-port  to xmodmap .xmod-eng. My suggestion for the  AS application
developers is a very simple one: one button in the Wharf indicating if
the keyboard is english or portuguese (or whatever). A click on this
button would run the xmodmap command and the icon changes

It is not original. It is how another SO does. It does not sound
complex, doesnt it? I would appreciate any help.

best wishes

P.S.: I dont want to start a war about why the kernel does not support
accents, but it would be very welcome for many users in many countries.

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