Re: What is going on in Afterstep development.

J.D. Jordan (
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 22:38:41 -0400

At 09:08 PM 8/23/98 -0500, Curtis Bledsoe wrote:
> Hello,
>        I am new to this list as of today and I was wondering if some one
>could give me a brief update as to what is going on in the world of
>Afterstep development.  The web page has not been updated since April and
>the current release version is listed as AfterStep 1.4.5-3 with no current
>development version, but I can find AfterStep-1.5pre6 and
>AfterStep- on the ftp server. I found both 1.5pre6 and
>to be very buggy as one might expect but I have no idea where to send
>patches to, if I find a fix for something, or which direction AfterStep
>development is currently headed. AfterStep-1.4.X has become my favorite
>window manager for the X/Windows environment and although I am not an
>expert I would love to contribute what little time I have to helping out.

Well for newer Versions of AS we're up to Pre9 now (I think unless they put
a pre10 up when I wasn't looking =) ), someone's not updateing f.a.o as
much as they should.  The latest versions can be found at Davids? site,

I think there's info in the ReadMe or one of the other files on who to send
bug info/patches to.