asmail trouble

Andy Harrison (
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 13:04:02 -0400 (EDT)

Could anyone help me out with this utility?

You're supposed to be able to basically point it to any file to monitor for
mail.  I'm trying to point it accrossed an NFS mount point.  In the asmail
config file, I've set it to /mnt/<mountpoint>/var/spool/mail/<spoolfile> and 
it doesn't work.  I double-checked to make sure that the file permissions
are correct and the mail spool file is DEFINITELY readable (and writeable,
for that matter).  However, when new mail arrives in the spool, I can tail
the file and see it, but asmail never reflects it.  Asmail is finding the
icons that I've pointed it to without any problem.  I temporarily changed the
iconset for NoMail to the same thing as the NewMail option just to make sure 
my little animation was working, and it did pick up the icons.  

And clues?

E-Mail:  Andy Harrison <>
Date:  24-Aug-98
Time:  13:01:18

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