Re: asmail trouble

David Mihm (
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 22:02:49 -0500 (CDT)

On Mon, 24 Aug 1998, Andy Harrison wrote:

! Could anyone help me out with this utility?
! You're supposed to be able to basically point it to any file to monitor for
! mail.  I'm trying to point it accrossed an NFS mount point.  In the asmail
! config file, I've set it to /mnt/<mountpoint>/var/spool/mail/<spoolfile> and 
! it doesn't work.  I double-checked to make sure that the file permissions
! are correct and the mail spool file is DEFINITELY readable (and writeable,
! for that matter).  However, when new mail arrives in the spool, I can tail
! the file and see it, but asmail never reflects it.  Asmail is finding the
! icons that I've pointed it to without any problem.  I temporarily changed the
! iconset for NoMail to the same thing as the NewMail option just to make sure 
! my little animation was working, and it did pick up the icons.  

	I personally have never used this ability, but let me run through
some things that you might have overlooked.
     1) MailFiles
	the above appears as such?
     2) /mnt/<mountpoint>/var/spool/mail/<spoolfile> is currently mounted
	exported to your box?
     3) Update is uncommented and set to a reasonable time check delay?
     4) AlwaysNewMailExecute is uncommented?
     5) Time StampMode is uncommented if you use any filtering software?
     6) NoShape & LockShape must be commented out to see the animation -
	depending on if you use the monitor E or the envelope pop-up.

	That's all I could think of that might be causing a problen -
especially #2 :)

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