Problems... big time.

Ron Thompson
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 13:09:53 -0500

Okay, I must admit, this was a stupid move on my part, but I'm now beyond being
able to fix it, so maybe someone out there can help.
While I was still fresh to the scene I installed the newest Afterstep (55N6)
over an old one (1.4.5 I think).  Eventually I discovered that some of my
problems with AS were because of them both being installed (or so I thought),
so I uninstalled the old RPM, and yep, sure enough I have some major problems
with AS, even after re-installing 55N6.
First, pager doesn't come up unless I start it from a prompt... (???), second,
nomatter how hard I try I cannot get my account to go directly into AS (Yes, I
checked the configs, they all say to go directly to AS).  I have to go through
fvwm, and then switch to AS, and I get the problems noted above.
Other than that, AS is still working fine, with the exceptions of the problems
I was having before hand, which are as follows.
I sent a message earlier about some problems with changing a setting in my
look.whatever file.  Well, it still exists.  If you uncomment the
#ButtonPixmap	ASBBlockDefault.xpm
setting in the file, the icons suddenly disappeared.  I double checked this
with another AS user to make sure it wasn't me... 8-/
I also >STILL< can't change my start menu items.  Someone suggested changing
the /usr/share files to reflect what I want, but there are two problems with
that.  1, I don't want everyone to have access to the files I want in there,
and 2, the directory structure in /usr/share/afterstep/start/... is not the
same as my ~/G/L/A/start/... structure.  It's a totally different start menu. 
I did a find search for another directory that I might be mirroring with my
start menu, but there is none!  8-/
So I'm really frustrated right now... 8-/
Any help with this?  I'm almost to the point of re-installing the whole system,
which would suck.
Thanks in advance!