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Michael Micelli (
Tue, 04 Aug 1998 10:03:06 EDT


     I just recently installed AS.  It seems to be a great WM, other 
than the fact that it is completely confusing to configure.  I also have 
these problems with sound that others were having in earlier threads.

     I have to agree with doug, that there are no good AS newbie help 
files.  They assume I understand terms like swallowing(which I 
don't(unless it's the way Icons slide out from the sides)), Sticky 
icons(huh?), and other things.

     I have managed to change backgrounds, icons, add icons to the 
wharf, and many other things, but I still have questions.

     For instance, now when I try to change the background, everything 
disappears, and I have to exit via [ctrl]+[alt]+[backspace].  What's up 
with that?

     Also, I moved my pager to the wharf, but they are stacked one on 
top the other.  Is there any way to make them slide out like the program 

     I do not agree completely with Mr. Dunbar.  I think the program is 
very nice, but could use some work.  I have used FVWM, and if all you're 
looking for is functionality, then that's the one for you :P  I, 
however, Think that there is a reason it's called a GRAPHICAL user 
interface.  I like nice looking customizable WM's.

     As for the distribution issue (or non-issue), I personally prefer 
Slakware.  But the best distribution is the one you're most happy with.

     I'm sorry for my long windedness, but it's my first post :)  I 
would also like to apologize for the stuff that Hotmail is going to add 
to the end of this, but it's the only way I can get this post at home 
and work.

Michael V. Micelli

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