Re: asfsm: It looked merely broken, but now I see it's dangerous.

Kris Coward (
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 20:44:19 -0400 (EDT)

>  ! I will also be posting notice of this on bugtraq.
>  	Prior to posting notices about this to BUGBTRAQ, as is the typical
>  "rules" of using BUGTRAQ - contact the author of the program **first**!!!

I know the rules of bugtraq, and also the rationale behind said rule: it exists
to protect people who depend on the software from getting taken out by script
kiddies before the author can write a patch. If someone out there depends on
asfsm, and cannot take it off their wharf for a couple of days, I am truly
sorry; both for exposing them to the script kiddies, and for their complete
lack of a life, or anything so resembling (if someone has a serious need to use
asfsm, of which I am not aware, please tell me, and I will retract the no-life

Kris Coward

p.s. I now feel truly bad. In the amount of time I spent writing this reply, I
could have patched asfsm.