Afterstep-1.4.5 bugs patches and suggestions

Volker Ossenkopf (
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 15:55:09 +0200


I have been away from this list now for quite some time so
that some of my questions might have been discussed already -
please excuse my ignorance.

When I switched from afterstep-1.0 to 1.4.5 in the last weeks
I felt quite uncomfortable with some of the changes and I had
to patch the source to make afterstep useable again. Some of my
changes are probably no more relevant for the new pre-1.5
releases but some could be taken as general ideas for the
further development.

1) Mouse buttons. In 1.4.5 the Pager requires button 1 instead
button 2 for dragging windows. This is in contrast to the man
page and to previous versions. The Wharf now reacts on button 3
instead of button 2 for minimizing. This can be easily patched
in the source but is not very convenient anyway. There should
be a definition of all three mouse events in the config file
of each module to prevent such problems.

2) Focus=Autoraise is a matter of taste (I don't like it)
It were fine if one could configure that.

3) Menus - configure.c: It is quite inconsistent which
internal Popups are checked to be additionally available
as directory and which aren't. "Desktop" and "quit" are
checked, "Pictures" and "Start" are not. I made a system
using that non-checking. Exploiting the fact that only the
first definition of a Popup is used one can set up a hierarchy
of menu definitions with much more flexibility than in the 
current scheme: the last definitions should be the internal
hard-wired definitions which can be overridden by experianced
users with their personal definitions.

Thus, I simply rearranged MeltStartMenu. Internal definitions,
i.e. Desktop, Pictures, ... last. The scanning of the
G/L/A/start directories before that and at the beginning I 
added the direct read of a file G/L/A/menudefs (if existing) 
which has the normal structure as in startmenu. This approach 
is completely compatible with the existing definitions and 
provides the freedom of choice for the method of the menu 
definitions to the user. Arbitrary configuration combinations
are possible.

Finally, it is more convenient to put the test on a
"Modules" directory into analyse instead of MeltStartMenu
so that it can be anywhere in the directory tree not only
at the lowest level.

I can send the patches to interested people whenever I must admit
that 1.4.5 is not the latest step so that it might be more
appropriate to apply the ideas to the recent development versions.

Best wishes

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