configuring using configure and imake ....

Mehul Sanghvi (
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 11:07:27 -0400 (EDT)


    I have downloaded 1.5pre7 (i am in the process of downloading the 1.5pre9*
stuff while writing this) and have tried to get it to build under Solaris,
Irix, Digital Unix.  The problem I am running into has to do with using both
the autoconf generated configure script and the Imakefile.

    I am able to get configure to check for gcc (I added a rule to and ran autoconf on it) and use it.  I am unable to get xmkmf to
set CC=gcc.  After running xmkmf the compiler is changed back to cc.  Also the
options to configure for the xpm library location and include file location
does nto seem to be getting passed onto the Makefiles further down the tree.

    Are both Imake and Autoconf going ot be used for the future or is a move
to being completly Autoconf being considered ?  If there is a plan to move
towards Autoconf then maybe I can spend some time on getting a configure
script that will do what is needed for AS.


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