Re: configure on 1.5pre9, Solaris x86 2.6

Jeremy Brown (
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 11:54:44 -0700

Daniel Clausen said:
> I don't think Solaris's 'sh' is broken, because exactly the same
> happens on DECUnix. (Am I supposed to say CompaqUnix? ;)

Give them another quarter and you'll be saying "NT". *cry*

> I did change the line to '#!/usr/bin/ksh' which also did the trick.

I've been patching to make this completely portable.
The problems are with '! test [blah blah blah]' and 'echo -n'.
>From the echo man page:

     Portable applications  should  not  use  -n  (as  the  first
     argument) or escape sequences.

So I changed that. And I changed the string tests to 'test -n'.
The new configure works with sh, ksh, and bash. Does anybody want
my patches to configure and, or should I wait until
pre10 and do it again? From Guylhem's E-mail, it seems he has
changed some of, so it seems to be it would be best
to wait until tomorrow.