AS site dying before rebirth

David Taylor (
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 17:57:22 +1000

Hi all...

I must assume that the transition to the new site has partially
begun...  I went to look at the site and most of the graphics are now
broken links.

Although it's great that the web site is being updated.  Do you realise
how many people per day probably check out that site to see if they want
to use AS as opposed to WindowMaker or Enlightenment or FVWM?  If the
graphics aren't there, then their first impression won't be at all

Please try not to let the site slip during moments of transition.  It is
the face of AfterStep for those that have not yet downloaded it or tried
it.  I know that the news and downloads are ancient, but there is no
need to make the site worse before it can get better.

If anyone (I think it's Rob?) would like help with html coding or
conversion just let me know.  I'm a little busy at the moment, but I
always have a bit of spare time handy for AfterStep. :-)

"Shucks.  It never hurts to help."
- Eek! the Cat.

David Taylor

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