Re: AS: Metro vs XFree?

Ben Tracy (
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 19:27:12 +0000 (GMT)

> Did you try E, KDE or WM ?
[some rantings on kwm snipped]
> Only AfterStep and icewm are trying to stay fit.

I know nothing of KDE, but I would hazard a guess in relation to the other
two is that the high memory usage has to do with the features that those
wms have that AS does not.  (This is particularly true of E.)  The same
could probably be said for KDE.  IMHO, all at least WM and E are the
victims of what I would consider feature bloat.  But hey, some people like
those features, and if they don't whine about the memory usage, then more
power to them.  

AS uses the least memory not necessarily because it is the best coded, but
more because nobody's attempted to hack the source to add unnecessary
stuff.  Don't get me wrong.  I _like_ that about AS.  I would hope that
the priorities for development after the release of 1.5 would not be
adding new features, but more on stability.  (I bet I have to relogin
to X once a work day or so because AS 1.4.55N6.42.QZ.partridge.pear_tree
bites the dust.) 

I haven't installed any of the 1.5pre/betas yet because installation on my
HP box is painful at best, and I'm getting a new SGI soon so I'm hoping to
install it on there when my O2 arrives.  (There will be much rejoicing
when I rid myself of HPSUX.)  When 1.5 finally arrives, I'll probably
start creating some themes for, provided the theme support
does not inflict frustration/pain on theme creators..