Start Menu Oder based on Date...

L. Jack Reese (
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 12:40:02 -0600

===< #1 >===
I used to configure my start menu order based on the date that the
menu entry was created.  I upgraded to RedHat 5.1 and now this 
feature no longer works.  

I found the following entry to be put into the "feels" file
however it has no effect and should not be necessary since 
I want the default condition to persist.

# Sort Start menu entries by ... 1=alphabetical order, 0=date (default)
StartMenuSortMode 0

===< #2 >===

Using Sloppy focus, when I deiconify an icon my pointer is automatically
warped to the position of the uniconified window.  This is most annoying
if I am trying to uniconify multiple icons.  Is there any way to modify 
this behavior?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated, 


Jack Reese