Re: Start Menu Oder based on Date...

David Mihm (
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 18:26:35 -0500 (CDT)

On Wed, 26 Aug 1998, L. Jack Reese wrote:

! ===< #1 >===
! I used to configure my start menu order based on the date that the
! menu entry was created.  I upgraded to RedHat 5.1 and now this 
! feature no longer works.  

	The "Official AfterStep" version has been bastardized by Red Hat,
be ready to see more things that don't work as the "offical" version.
With this said all the following *only* apply and *will* work with the
latest "official" version of AfterStep.

! I found the following entry to be put into the "feels" file
! however it has no effect and should not be necessary since 
! I want the default condition to persist.
! # Sort Start menu entries by ... 1=alphabetical order, 0=date (default)
! StartMenuSortMode 0

	The default behaviour (contrary to the word "default" in the
quoted text above) is set during ./configure .  Yes, compile time options
are not a GoodThing, but it's being remedied.  So if you change this
to read "StartMenuSortMode 0", your menu will be reordered by timestamp.
Be ready to be surprised the next time you start the RH-AfterStep. :)

! ===< #2 >===
! Using Sloppy focus, when I deiconify an icon my pointer is automatically
! warped to the position of the uniconified window.  This is most annoying
! if I am trying to uniconify multiple icons.  Is there any way to modify 
! this behavior?

	This is again another ./configure question "wharp mouse pointer"
or something similar; answer it by keying in the opposite of what is in
the ()'s and it will disappear. 

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