Re: Bonehead question

Michal Vitecek (
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 21:53:26 +0200

 as was said before, there are currently *two* ftp sites with current
 development versions and patches. there're those:
    mine is:
    david's is:

 the devel versions are in the devel/ subtree.

Ron Thompson wrote:
>Okay, I know this is a bonehead question, but when you say you're going to post
>the pre-10 or the 1.5beta1 tonight... where?  And will there be an RPM?  If
>not, no biggie...
>I was just on the Afterstep ftp site, because I assumed you meant there, but I
>only saw up pre-6 being the latest... is there another place you're going to
>put it?
>I ask because while trying to fix the $%^#$ problems I had with AS (I had a
>million, with very little help from the mailing list - few exceptions noted), I
>>accidentally< erased a bunch of necessary stuff and was forced to move to my
>new hard drive sooner than expected.  So I'm going to install everything from
>scratch, and being that AS is >still< my preferred window manager, I want to
>make sure I get the one that's most stable and with the least problems.  8-)
>  -Ron
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