Re: Bonehead question

Michal Vitecek (
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 22:26:07 +0200

 i don't know for david's site, but mine can't be pointed by f.a.o :/ the
 reason is that the site i use is highly academic (TEN34 project) and the
 guys there think that even .org domains are commercial. as i'm only a
 student, i can't do anything about it.

Ben Tracy wrote:
>I wonder if it would be possible for f.a.o to point to one of these sites
>for a while until the real f.a.o is fixed???
>On Wed, 26 Aug 1998, Michal Vitecek wrote:
>>  as was said before, there are currently *two* ftp sites with current
>>  development versions and patches. there're those:
>>     mine is:
>>     david's is:
>>  the devel versions are in the devel/ subtree.

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