Re: List of Features?

David Mihm (
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 19:50:05 -0500 (CDT)

On 26 Aug 1998, Doug Alcorn wrote:

! Ok, it seems several others have done this; so I will too.  I have
! upgraded to 1.4.55n6 via rpm for RedHat Linux x86.  I got the rpm from 
! the-site url often cited on this mailing list.  Here is my list of
! features I am struggling with:
! 1.  BorderWidth does not appear to work.  I have set the following
! line in my ~/G/L/A/database file: 'Style "maillog" NoTitle, Sticky,
! WindowListSkip, NoHandles, NoFocus, BorderWidth 0'. Unfortunately this
! does not appear to remove the window border.  I have also set this to
! 100 with no noticeable affect.

	The BorderWidth can only be used by applications that support it.
I pressume the "maillog" is actually a *term?  You need to set the *term
to be borderless on the command line invocation.

! 2.  Where is the documentation on differences to the wharf file?  I
! had some nice stuff setup in my warf; particularly having a button bar 
! horizontal instead of verticle.  I did this with WharfColumns set to
! the number of buttons I had defined for the Wharf.  This no longer
! works. 

	If you define *WharfRows 1 and comment out *WharfColumns in the
~/G/L/A/wharf file , the wharf will be horizontal.

! Also, the order of all my buttons has been reversed.  

	This has been fixed in the latest pre-release.

! Finally,
! when I click on the swallowed xload, I no longer get top. The lines I
! used for that are:
! *Wharf2 asload nil  MaxSwallow "xload" xload -bg lightsteelblue &
! *Wharf2 asload nil  Exec "" xterm -fg cyan -bg gray25 -ut -T top -e top &

	You might be thinking of asload, I don't think xload ever
responded to mouse clicks.  Check out `xload -h` and then `asload -h`.

! I have a couple of placed that I did this kind of thing, but it no
! longer works.
! 3. When I use the window shade, the window title is always sticky.  I
! have the StubbornIcons StubbornPlacement StubbornIconPlacement all set 
! within my individual feels file, but afterstep does not seem to treat
! window shades as icons.  As a side note, I have experienced
! disappearing windows when using the shade.  I have not run 1.4.55n6
! long enough to see if it happens with this version.

	This is fixed in the pre-releases.
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