Re: Start Menu Oder based on Date...

Michal Vitecek (
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 12:44:16 +0200

>> ! ===< #2 >===
>> ! 
>> ! Using Sloppy focus, when I deiconify an icon my pointer is automatically
>> ! warped to the position of the uniconified window.  This is most annoying
>> ! if I am trying to uniconify multiple icons.  Is there any way to modify 
>> ! this behavior?
>> 	This is again another ./configure question "wharp mouse pointer"
>> or something similar; answer it by keying in the opposite of what is in
>> the ()'s and it will disappear. 
>No, I do not think so. The "warp pointer" option affects
>the position of the mouse pointer when you open a menu.
>When you de-iconify something the pointer is set to the
>top left corner. I did not find any way to change that.
>Maybe Guyhlem knows?

 in your feel file, be sure to have #StubbornIcons and #ClickToFocus. if u
 ask why it's been done so, don't ask me :) i think it'd be more
 reasonable to add just another new feel option, but i'll ask guylhem or
 ethan what they think about it.



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