Re: Afterstep-1.4.5 bugs patches and suggestions

Volker Ossenkopf (
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 11:20:02 +0200

Guylhem Aznar wrote:
> > added the direct read of a file G/L/A/menudefs (if existing)
> > which has the normal structure as in startmenu. This approach
> > is completely compatible with the existing definitions and
> > provides the freedom of choice for the method of the menu
> > definitions to the user. Arbitrary configuration combinations
> > are possible.
> What do people here think about this ?
> I wouldn't think start/modules/menus/ subdirs would be a good idea : a
> start menu can change often, unlike a window menu.

Probably, I did not point out clearly enough what I had suggested 

a) Concerning the Modules directory, I only proposed that this might
be anywhere below G/L/A/start. With the normal 1.4.5 source it has to
be at G/L/A/start/Modules. If I like it in G/L/A/start/Afterstep/Modules
the MeltStartMenu adds an "Exec" instead of "Module" to each module
name. Shifting the test for the directory name "Modules" from
"MeltStartMenu" to "analyse" provides a way that the modules are
treated correctly everywhere in the tree.

b) What I like with the hierarchical menu configuration is e.g.
using the default creation of the Start menu but providing
an additional directory Pictures somewhere so that instead of
the standard background pictures I can add some other background
modes and finally the reading of a typical Debian menu file
providing a Popup "Debian" that I can introduce into the
Start menu by creating a directory "Debian". This is just an

The basic idea is that each Popup that is defined already in
MeltStartMenu can be overridden by an existing directory
within the G/L/A/start hierarchy and that each of the
Popups created from the directory names can be overridden
again by definitions from a single menu file. This gives the
maximum freedom of the favoured kind of menu configuration
to the user without loosing any of the existing definition

Maybe I missed your point completely but I hope that it is
going to be clearer now.

Best wishes

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