Re: More info on 3d Text bug.

Dagmar d'Surreal (
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 11:20:38 -0500 (CDT)

On Wed, 26 Aug 1998, Ethan wrote:

> > I upgraded my notebook to 1.5pre9 this afternoon and noticed right away
> > that the problem with overlapping characters did *not* occur on it.
> That's weird, it should have.  The bug wasn't fixed until 1.5pre9 patch 10.

Whoa cool.  As long as it's been fixed I'm pleased.  Here's another one I
just found...

I'm starting my pager from autoexec with "0 2" for parameters, using the
normal 2x2 geometry from the default.  I remember in the past there was a
problem with virtual desktops having an extra row and column of 'hidden'
desktops which you could change to with SHIFT+arrow_keys, and I suspect
this might be similar.  In any case, pressing CTRL-SHIFT-left_arrow and
CTRL-SHIFT right arrow seem to work to jump between pagers, provided you
are on desks one or two, but if you go right from desk three you wind up
in limbo, and using CTRL-SHIFT-left_arrow takes you back to desk one.  The
behaviours obtained by going up or down from any of the desktops is
erratic to say the least.  Anyway, keep up the good work.  I'll keep
ferreting out bugs.   ;)