Re: Hello to AfterStep for the Nth Time ;-)

Brandon Stewart (
Tue, 04 Aug 1998 16:55:08 +0000

Ben Tracy wrote:
> With all of these people coming forward, I thought it might be time for a
> die-hard user like myself to pitch in to the conversation..
> The configuration scheme now is strange.  I agree.  In fact, everytime I
> upgrade I think it's a royal pain the the butt, because I can't just do a
> cp -R from the install dir into my dir because I'll lose all my
> configuration.

What really seems to be needed is a very intuitive and easy to use
configuration utility. Of course, some things should be left to those
who have time to spare, like forms. But a lot of things could be
configurable from a nice looking tcl application. For instance, 8 radio
buttons to toggle each of the title bar buttons, and a pull down menu
beside each to make it correspond to a function. And beside each pull
down menu, there could be a button to allow one to browse (or make) a
pixmap. This could be done for the things that most people first want to
change when they install afterstep. The time spent on such an
application would be well worth it, in terms of keeping new users and
pleasing old ones.

my two cents