Re: AS1.4.5

Ashley Roach (
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 10:32:46 -0400

>! >*WinListBack #000045
>	#000045 is blue for "Back"ground
>! >*WinListFore Grey60
>	Grey60 is a light grey (offwhite-ish) for the "Fore"ground; (text)
>! >*WinListOrientation across
>	across should be across.
>	I'm not to sure why this would be happening.  Did you change the
>paths when you compiled?  Is this winlist in this directory:
>/home/<your login name>/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/ ?  I would copy it into
>the /usr(/local)/share/afterstep directory and see if that helps.
>Something is awry here, so if none of this works we'll have to try
>something different. :\

Hi Dave,

Well, the directories are correct.  I had checked that originally, as well
as doing a find for winlist to determine if it was pulling from somewhere
else.  All of the winlist files that I could find have the
WinListOrientation across line.

This is weird.  I think that it is not finding the damn thing.  I did
compile, and not get an RPM too.  I'll look at the config.h and Makefile to
see if I see something.