Re: Hello to AfterStep for the Nth Time ;-)
Tue, 04 Aug 1998 20:44:40 -0400

In <>, on 08/04/98 
   at 11:58 AM, Maury Merkin <> said:

>I also want to say that I think the newer configuration scheme is much
>easier to deal with than wading through a huge .steprc file.

>One "trick" (if you could call it that) to save a helluva lot of typing
>is to create a symlink in your home directory as follows:

>cd ~
>ln -s GNUstep/Library/AfterStep .as

>Then all you have to do to edit your database file, for example, is vi

Thats very nice, but I have he filling that the GNUStep/Library/ directory
is just a waste. Why didn't they put it all in a ~/Afterstep/ directory.
But it is a bit beter when you get used to it.

But, cheer up, Afetrstep is just in version 1.4.5. It's in it's beginings.
It's not like Emacs or TeX or Sendmail that are rough and tough and will
deal with anything, and why not they have lots of years on there
shoulders. I think we have to learn something from this expirience.

>or  to add a new sub-menu to your start menu
>mkdir ".as/start/Fun n Games"

>or whatever.

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