Uninstalling RH's AS

Ron Thompson Ron_Thompson@KVCR.pbs.org
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 01:41:13 -0500

Alrighty, I'm all ready to install the 1.5Beta1, but I'm stuck at the same point
I was last time I tried to upgrade.
I'm trying to uninstall my old Afterstep package, but this is what happens:

[root@localhost ~/rpms]# rpm -e AfterStep-
package AfterStep- is not installed
[root@localhost ~/rpms]# rpm -i AfterStep-
package AfterStep- is already installed
error: AfterStep- cannot be installed
[root@localhost ~/rpms]#

What is up with that?  Last time I eventually just ran a query on the package
to show all files and piped that into rm -f, which worked... then, when the
database was still messed up saying it was still installed, I accidentally (big
dummy), piped the file list into rm -rf.... ooops...
Now, not wanting to even try that again, can someone suggest an easy way to
remove all possible traces of Afterstep from my system so I can install
Thanks!  8-)
  -Ron (yahoo@mindless.com)

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