Re: A slight config Pproblem....

David Mihm (
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 04:33:40 -0500 (CDT)

On Sat, 29 Aug 1998, Da Wascally Wabbit wrote:

! Hey again all.....
!         Well, I FINALLY got afterstep working!!! NOW ive got a few other
! dillemmas. If someone could help, I'd be much obliged....

	Congratulations, which version is it?

!     Firstly, I change files in the folder
! ~/GNUstep/Libraries/afterstep/start/ or whatever, but my changes dont
! have any affect. Is there some file I have to tell to use my changes in
! that directory as opposed to wherever the default is?

	Did you mv your old ~/G/L/A tree to a backup and let AfterStep
create a new tree when you started?  This is an important step and is
sometimes overlooked.  The developers try hard to keep each release
compatible with previous releases, but sometimes there are new feature
and/or structure changes which make AfterStep better but also require a
few modifications to existing configuration files.

[Andrew: this could be included in the FAQ with a bit of commentary]

Check to see that you have a menu>Quit>Update startmenu entry (this is in
>=, or somewhere around there), if you do, click it and the menu
should update to relect your ~/G/L/A/s tree.  If this doesn't work, did
you change the ./configure options to force "edit startmenu by hand"?  If
this is the case, then obviously you need to make the changes to the
actual ~/G/L/A (/non-configurable/tmp) OR (/non-configurable) /startmenu
file, depending upon your version of AS, by hand.

!     And secondly, how do I get rid of the winlist?

	Comment out the entry for it in both the places it appears from
within the ~/G/L/A/autoexec file (or the one in the share/afterstep/ dir).

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