Re: Uninstalling RH's AS

Nathan Widmyer (
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 08:14:27 -0400

Yeah, I think John's right, to see what it really wants without guessing,
type this:

rpm -qva | grep After

That will only show all packages installed with the name that starts with
'After', it's very helpful to use with other programs you want to find that
are installed, just replace the 'After' with another word, it can be a part
of a word.  What the command line really means is that it queries the whole
list of installed packages and the grep restricts the output to only show
things that have 'After' in them, you can use grep in other places like 'ps'
and I believe 'less'.
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Date: Saturday, August 29, 1998 3:13 AM
Subject: Re: Uninstalling RH's AS

>I think that with RPM (and dpkg too) the program just wants the NAME of the
>package and NOT the version info too.  Did you try just saying 'rpm -e
>AfterStep'?  Failing that, keep adding stuff to the line:
>rpm -e AfterStep-
>rpm -e AfterStep-
>and so on...
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>On Sat, 29 Aug 1998, Ron Thompson wrote:
>>Alrighty, I'm all ready to install the 1.5Beta1, but I'm stuck at the same
>>I was last time I tried to upgrade.
>>I'm trying to uninstall my old Afterstep package, but this is what
>>[root@localhost ~/rpms]# rpm -e AfterStep-
>>package AfterStep- is not installed
>>[root@localhost ~/rpms]# rpm -i AfterStep-
>>package AfterStep- is already installed
>>error: AfterStep- cannot be installed
>>[root@localhost ~/rpms]#
>>What is up with that?  Last time I eventually just ran a query on the
>>to show all files and piped that into rm -f, which worked... then, when
>>database was still messed up saying it was still installed, I accidentally
>>dummy), piped the file list into rm -rf.... ooops...
>>Now, not wanting to even try that again, can someone suggest an easy way
>>remove all possible traces of Afterstep from my system so I can install
>>Thanks!  8-)
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