Good bye AfterStep ??

tildouf (
Tue, 04 Aug 1998 20:41:28 +0000

Remeber only that AF 1.5preX are under development ....
For me, AfterStep is a nice Window Manager, and i use every
day the 1.5pre3 version.
There is some bugs, of course, but wait for the stable 1.5 release.
I'm sure what i see with 1.5pre4 &5 &6 will be very nice.

The new hierarchy tree is a little difficult to manage, at
the begining, but after, it is easy to configure the modules
(asmail etc..), and the other files (Wharf etc...).

For me, the new AfterStep, since the 1.0, is a new window
manager. And i hope the developers of AS will continue
to improve my favorite Window Manager.