beta1 bugs?

Tomas Duewiger (
29 Aug 1998 13:16:01 +0200

I just compiled and installed AS beta1.
On one mashine, previously running pre9, it compiled with lot's of
warnings, but it runs now. The pager needed an extra kick to do what I
want. On another mashine, previously running, it also compiled
with tons of warnings, but it only run once. It crashed immediately when I 
tried to update the startmenu.

AfterStep: internal error
	Request 46, Error 7
	EventType 5

I didn't use any of my old 55N6 config files btw. After that AS didn't
start or it starts with an empty startmenu, when I removed the startmenu
in ~/G/L/A/n/ it starts, but I can't update it, same with look files.
I also tried to compile it with the install.script, but nothing changed. 

I think it got something to doe with the previously installed version,
maybe I forgot something to delete, but what? Any hints?

Also, the behaviour of the pager seems to be a little bit strange, it
showed 9 views but only 4 were accessible (wasn't there something like
that in the past?). But the strange thing was, that I then used the pager
from the other mashine and it worked, but using that same pager on the
mashine compiled on, the same behaviour showed up again.

One more thing, the asclock didn't compile at all (missing sperator in


Tomas Duewiger