Re: beta1 bugs?

Ron Thompson (
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 14:01:15 -0700

Andrew Sullivan wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've found several problems with the 1.5 beta1.  I had 1.5 pre4 installed
> in a test account here (so I didn't really put it through its paces), and
> I didn't have too many problems there.  By contrast, this beta's caused
> some problems.  I re-named ~/GNUstep before starting, in order to make
> sure I caused no problems.
> I installed in the default location (_please_ add a note to the README
> mentioning that this has changed from the old defaults -- many users will
> be confused when they are still getting their old version), but I wanted
> to stick with my old configuration location.  While the install script
> accepted the location I gave it, it never did move the stuff from
> [AS-sourcepath/afterstep] into the config location.  As a result, AS
> wouldn't start at all after installation (because AS couldn't find
> /usr/local/share/afterstep/0_feel.16bpp).  (I just moved this
> myself.)
> Also, the install script asks how many extra desktops you want.  I asked
> for 1, but still have four.  (This is merely an annoyance, which I will
> fix manaully; it's obviously related to the problem above.)

I had the same problems... I found that if I just didn't use the install.script it worked okay....

But I also had an additional problem which really irks me.  Afterstep wouldn't start at all on my machine.

Instead of moving the directories I just changed my xinit config files to reflect the changed directories.  Well, it found it, but unfortunately it will not run whatsoever.  It starts up, goes to black, then comes back to the terminal saying it's waiting for a graceful shutdown or whatever...

Anyone else have this problem?

FYI, it was a totally clean installation, no previous installs of AS on the hard drive.

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