Re: Starting Programs automatically

Tomas Duewiger (
30 Aug 1998 08:23:43 +0200

Bill <> writes:

> Hi all,
>     This is my first post to the list Im a new linux and afterstep user if
> my questions are stupid or elementartary I hope you'll forgive me.

Forgiven ;-)

>     How do I start programs automatically? When Afterstep loads I'd like
> to have xclipboard ICQ and maybe xloadimage with a backround already
> running. my attempts to modify /usr/share/afterstep/autoexec and to create
> an .xinitrc that will do this haven't worked?

If you want them in AS only, ~/G/L/A/autoexec or /u/s/a/autoexec are okay, 
for other windowmanagers .xinitrc also works. In autoexec you have to do
something like that:
	Exec	"I"	exec rxvt &
	Exec	"I"	exec xloadimage -onroot picture &

That works here. I would use that, and .xinitrc for things that should be
there also in other wm's like xmodmap.

>     Also is there a way to modify the start menu permanently? So far my
> attempts to do this have been over written the next time Afterstep starts.

What version do you use? Usually you can go to the menu do a guit->update
startmenu and that should do.

Tomas Duewiger